Testing laboratory of «Academtest»

Testing laboratory of «Academtest» meets all the criteria of independence for testing laboratories. This ensures objectivity, independence in making decisions impartial testing and confidentiality. The laboratory is equipped with modern test equipment and the newest means of measurement that allows to conduct tests on a high technical level, with a high degree of automation of processes of testing, measurement and assessment, including the opportunity to work on the basis of the customer. The staff of laboratory are the engineers and experts, with years of experience in testing practices, as well as highly qualified specialists in the field of certification of products and equipment. Testing laboratory carries out a wide range of electrical, electro-magnetic compatibility, climatic, mechanical, thermal, functional, special and other types of tests for various types of products.
We carry out tests of mechanical engineering products and energy equipment: pressure equipment, material handling equipment, domestic and industrial gas-using equipment, heating equipment and different kinds of fuel, technological equipment. Laboratory carries out tests of products of light industry for such groups of goods: clothing and fabrics, footwear, hosiery, leather. Our specialists carry out tests of construction products: windows, doors, glass and mirrors, profiles for windows, products from concrete and reinforced concrete, building mortars, furniture products, a covering of floors and roofs, paints and varnishes, waterproofing materials. Modern equipment is being tested perfumery and cosmetic products: detergents different product forms, means on care of furniture, car, leather products, skin and hair liquid perfumes and hygiene products, raw materials for the manufacture of detergents, including conformity with the technical regulations.

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