Construction products

Construction and testing laboratory «Academtest Ltd.» performs complex laboratory testing of building products and materials in accordance with the normative documentation.

List of nomenclature of products which is tested in the laboratory:

• windows, doors (internal, interior, exterior) from PVC, wood, aluminum, steel and metal
• IGU glued (SPO, SPD)
• glass
• mirrors
• sectionfor windows and doors from PVC and aluminium
• profile galvanized steel
• linear PVC profiles
• foam plastic
• the PVC siding
• sandwich panels
• chipboard
• products of concrete and reinforced concrete (slabs, piles, beams)
• brick
• ceramic tile (glazed and unglazed)
• testing materials: cement, rubble, gypsum, sand
• mortar, concrete mix and concrete admixtures
• testing of metal constructions, steel products
• profile, panels
• design of the facade (2 and 3-layered) with heat and noise
• armature
• sanitary ware
• furniture
• floor coverings(linoleum, carpet)
• roof coverings(metal tile, ruberoid)
• waterproofing material
• paint and varnish products

The main activity of the laboratory is carrying out the following tests:

• certification
• qualification
• reception
• periodical
• monitoring
• inspection

In the process of testing products and materials used mechanical, physical and chemical methods, as well as destructive and non-destructive. This guarantees the reliability and accuracy of test results, which is confirmed by participation in interlaboratory comparative tests.

The testing base of the laboratory allows to carry out following kinds of tests of your products:

• geometrical dimensions
• resistance to static and impact loads
• cyclic durability testing (opening-closing)
• the resistance to the air tightness
• resistance to wind loads
• resistance of a heat transfer
• insulation resistance
• corner welding strength (PVC)
• bonding strength (wood products)
• tightness of IGU
• the definition of «dew point»
• determination of strength of concrete
• mechanical tests of cement and concrete by test samples
• definition of frost resistance of concrete, cement
• determination of water-resistant building materials
• determination of density of materials
• determination of moisture of building materials
• tests on crack resistance
• visual and optical control
• hydraulic tests
• determination of the tensile strength
• breaking strength at compression
• breaking strength at bending
• determination of water absorption
• the definition of change of linear sizes
• determination of resistance of tiles (acids, alkali and household chemicals)
• determination of bulk density
• determination of the grain composition of sand
• determination of the roughness of the surface
• the definition of the effort of opening and closing
• determination of mass

On all kinds of tests of building materials, please consult the specialists of the laboratory. We are glad to help you!