Machinery and power equipment

Testing laboratory «Academtest» conducts tests of the following groups of the industrial equipment:

Pressure equipment (including cylinders and tanks and reservoirs of small and large volume). While conducting the tests all NDT methods are used and carried out by qualified experts; methods of chemical analysis of metal; hydraulic and pneumatic tests, including vessels of a large amount; destructive methods with the definition of mechanical properties of materials.

Handling machinery (including cranes of any configuration, lifts, safety devices, conveyors of continuous operation), also being tested for electromagnetic compatibility to determine the emission and immunity of the equipment.

Domestic and industrial gas-using equipment, heating equipment and different kinds of fuel, technological equipment (including boilers of any capacity, burners, water and hot stoves, gas and combined plates, equipment for public catering establishments, technological lines, grain dryers, furnaces).

The heat engineering tests are carried out, tests for conformity to requirements of safety, reliability and durability, including confirmation of the passport and functional characteristics. Also the analysis of the environmental performance is conducted using the latest German equipment.