Perfumery, cosmetic products and detergents

Independent testing laboratory of «Academtest» conducts a wide range of tests of cosmetic products and household chemical goods in physical, chemical and microbiological indicators. Studies are conducted in special laboratory conditions, by competent specialists with technical means and equipment. This guarantees the reliability and accuracy of test results, which is confirmed by participation in interlaboratory comparative tests.

The laboratory also technically equipped for testing of primary biodegradability of anionic and nonionic surface-active substances, detergents, according to the requirements of technical regulation detergents.

The list of the tests can be conducted:
• detergents different commodity forms;
• products for car care;
• products for furniture care;
• care products for leather goods;
• care for your teeth and mouth (tooth powder, toothpaste, mouthwash);
• means on care of hair and skin care products (shampoos, conditioners, lotions, masks, oils, scrubs, lotions, tonics, shower gels, liquid soaps, bath foams);
• decorative cosmetics (powder, eye shadow, blush, masking pencils, lipstick, lip pencils and eye gloss, balsams, mascara);
• liquid perfumery means and hygienic means (colognes, perfumes, toilet water, perfumes water, fragrant waters, personal deodorants, lotions);
• styling and hair coloring (varnishes, foams, mousses, gels, wax, hair-dye);
• laundry and toilet solid soap;
• wet wipes raw materials for the manufacture of detergents.