Toys accompany the child's life from an early age, starting with rattles and pendants for wheelchairs and arenas. Children learn about the world not only with the ears and eyes, but the taste, and with his teeth, biting and licking the tools of cognition of the world-the toys. Therefore first of all it is necessary to learn the materials from which they are made. And what chemicals are contained in the material from which the toys are really made of. And many other things staying silent by toy manufacturers.

What you should know about harmful side toys?

Concentration of harmful substances in children's toys some manufacturers in times exceeds the permissible sanitary norms. For a long time already the mass media says about the dangers of toys, which are in unacceptable quantities of harmful substances such as phenol, formaldehyde, lead, mercury, lead and other. The majority of such toys is intended for small children, but even they do not have certificates of quality and safety, do not carry the mandatory appropriate labeling.

Testing laboratory Academtest tests all kinds of toys. We make sufficient number of test methods to evaluate the quality of the product and its features, because we have little friends too. Tests are carried out respectively the request of the standards and norms.

Laboratory «Academtest» equipped measuring technique that allows to conduct tests on the highest level.

The list of measuring equipment extensive enough, but for example:

• breaking machine
• hygrometer psychometric
• luxmeter
• caliber (different series)
• vernier calipers
• a set of plane-parallel end measures of length
• protractor pendulum
• gauge
• polariscope etc.

Mainly verification of quality is carried out on specially ordered according to state standart parameters of devices, such as:

• Device for testing toys torque
• Device for testing toys on the flexibility of wires
• Device for testing of inflatable toys
• Device for testing toys with liquid filler
• Installation for testing toys flammability

When tested on the migration of harmful substances is applied only in Ukraine modern chromatograph giving testimony with a high degree of accuracy.

Toys for testing:

• Dolls
• Toys-designers
• Toy bags
• Children’s furniture (for example,toys-rockers and baby strollers)
• Cribs and strollers
• High chairs
• Baby walkers
• Child seats for bicycles
• Toys with sound effects
• Remote controlled toys
• Materials for children's creativity
• And much more

For these products we carry out tests for mechanical and physical properties and chemical parameters. etc.
To all children's products meet strict requirements regarding harmful substances, that they may contain.

Toys were in past, aren’t on the side,and will be over us, therefore, very important to know what exactly we buy to the dearest people to us. All necessary information you will find in our site.

Technical regulations on conformity of toys safety

The purpose of the test equipment The basic required test equipment
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Plant for testing inflatable toys
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Insulation test: measuring Range, that's 200 K to 100 By the Basic error of measurement of resistance, minus 2.5 % of the measured value
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 C and B probe
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Testing plant for riding toys
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Plant for testing the durability vertically opened hinge covers the chests for toys
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 ДСТУ ЕN 71-2 Luggage humidity:
Internal dimensions min.
Width, Height 800 mm, 600 mm depth 500 mm
Temperature Range: from 0 up to °С
Operating humidity 10% to 90%
Rel.;minus 1.5%
ДСТУ ЕN 71-8 Device for vertical shock free fall
ДСТУ ЕN 71-8 Accelerometer
ДСТУ ЕN 71-8 Probe C and O
ДСТУ ЕN 71-8 Device for testing the probability of capture clothing or hair
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Device for testing torque
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Probe of availability A and B
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Device for edges testing
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Device for sharpness of the ends
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Device for the bending wires
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Device for measuring the leakage
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Test pattern A and B
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 Stand for the measurement span projectile
ДСТУ ЕN 71-1 25 mm pycnometer,water bath

Group of toys in accordance with the mechanical and physical properties, which are subject to the rules of procedure and which will be made in the field of accreditation

Toys Ukrainian classification of goods for foreign economic activity State classifier of products and services
Bicycles, except for sports or to drive motor roads 9501 36.50.31
Scooters 9501 36.50.31
Pedal cars 9501 36.50.31
Strollers for dolls 9501 36.50.31
Toy stroller 9501 36.50.31
Dolls, except dolls for decorative and similar purposes 9501 36.50.11
Clothes for dolls 9502 36.50.13
Models of the transport equipment with the exception of models-copies for adult collectors 9503 10 / 9503 20 36.50.20
Sets for modeling and drawing, including for chemical experiments 9503 70
Building sets for children 9503 30
Toys in the form of animals or non-human creatures 9503 41 36.50.12
Puzzle, except puzzles with the number of elements more than 500, or without a pattern, or is intended for specialists 9503 60 36.50.32
Toy guns, except exact copies, pneumatic rifles and pistols, slings and launchers 9503 90 10
Toys imitating sports equipment and toys-balls 9503 70 / 9503 90 36.50.33
Toys intended for water games, including inflatable 9503 90 36.50.33
Polygraphic toys, including toys-books 9503 90 36.50.33
All types of toys, electrical, except those that operate from a source of electric current with a nominal voltage exceeding 24 9501
Swing, sloping chute and similar toys domestic purposes for active training indoors and outdoors, in addition to such intended for group play on playgrounds 9503
36.50.33 36.40.14
Auto racing, railway 9504 90 36.50.20
Board games 9504 36.50.43
Costumes for games, carnival costumes and masks 9505
Christmas toys, except for the decorative or the Christmas tree toys 9503
950590 00

Category toys requirements   Category toys requirements.doc